Exciting News

Hello everyone,  

We've been very busy with lots happening with AL and her friends.  Cousin Fred has arrived and apart from the day to day goings on the little group have organised a visit to the snow.  We'll be going to the snow at the end of June 2016 so watch out for pictures of our visit.  


Printed and On-Line Books

The children have driven demand for updates and stories so I've been kept very busy writing.  There is a considerable cost both in time and production to get the printed books here, so I've decided to put some of the books on 'AL's' Facebook Page free to members of her page.  Book 1 and 2 were in print, both in A4 and A5 and Book 3 - 'Train Trip Across the Mountains' was the first of our 'on-line' books.

All books follow each other (i.e. story line) so i'ts important to keep this in mind.  Book 4 'Off to the Snow we go, we go' will also be an on-line book and the first chapter will appear on her Facebook page at the end of the month.  

Book 5 will be a printed book.  We're currently working with the Dunedin Fire Service as the story line will involve Merlin and Bertie with some members of the NZFS.  


Cards and other merchandise 

Gift cards have been printed and are available on line and via the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Your Child's Birthday 

If Parents can e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your child's name and age at last birthday, and date of birth, i'll add this information to our 'Birthday List'.  Angel-Louise and Tabatha have a little book and every day they look to see who has a birthday soon, and send a birthday card to your child. If you would like your child to receive a card, please let us know.  

We also do special visits.  I've had requests from Parents for 'Angel-Louise' to visit for Birthday Parties and depending on her diary, most requests can be accommodated.  There is a small fee for preparing her for each visit.