Cappuccino and Fudge

Cappuccino and Fudge live in the paddock behind where Angel-Louise and Harry live.  They have been around for a while these two, but usually spend most of their time down at the Pony Club teaching the children how to ride horses.  During the winter months they come home to Roseneath and join the rest of the ‘friends’ with their adventures.  Fudge helped Harry build his burrow many years ago and Cappuccino offers advice and help to Merlin when they need to get somewhere fast.  Merlin climbs on Cappuccino’s back and they go for long rides together.  They usually give Harry lots of hay for the garden and the area surrounding his burrow.  They also help Cedric with hay for the veggie garden and the compost heap.

Pony Club

Cappuccio and Fudge have gone back to the Pony Club for the Summer.  They will be back again with all the friends in Winter.  But for now they are assisting the children with riding lessons and Fudge is teaching the new ponies at the Club.  So they are very busy and we'll miss them, but it's not long now till Winter.