Cedric & Shelly Snail

Cedric was the first to make his home at number 10 Clyde Street.  He and his wife Shelly Snail started the Snail Harbour Elementary School which is situated at the bottom of the garden, conveniently near the veggie patch!


The Headmaster

All the snails in the district send their children to this little school, where Cedric is the Headmaster.  Cedric and Shelly tutor the young snails in various subjects, along with Tabatha who usually teaches cooking, history and languages two days a week. Harry has been known to attend some of Tabatha’s history classes because Fudge has caught him outside the door pretending to be asleep.


Home sweet home 

Cedric and Shelly have their little house just to the side of the school.  Cedric is old and very wise and is often spotted having long talks with Merlin, as both have been around for many years.


Best School in the South

Recently Cedric and Shelly won the 'Best School in the South' award from the Ministry of Education.  We were lucky to have the Minister present at the award ceremony to present us with our plaque.  All the little snails in the district attend this school and it was a very happy day.  Tabatha and Harry spent many hours in the kitchen preparing lots of treats for the students and guests.  You will read more about this in Book 3.