All about Harry the Hedgehog

Harry was the first friend Angel-Louise met when she moved into her new home.

 Harry frightened her, because she didn’t know what he was!  She had never seen a Hedgehog before, but they very quickly became the best of friends.  Harry has lived on the grounds of the house for many years and has quite a few friends.  His best friend is Tabatha who lives over the road at Ross & Hazel’s house with their two doggies.  Harry is also best friends with Fudge one of the horses who lives in the back paddock.  Fudge helped Harry build his burrow because Fudge is very handy at making things, especially little buildings.

The cook book

Harry has been very busy of late.  He assists Tabatha with the cooking and both he and Tabatha have been busy working on a little book of their own.  Yes, Tabatha is publishing a cook book and has asked Harry to help with the recipes - so we hope that little book will be available at the end of 2015.