Merlin the Ginger Cat

No-one's really sure when Merlin turned up but he's been friends with Harry ever since Harry was a baby. Merlin is much older than all the friends; he's been around for years on the point. He usually keeps himself to himself, a very private cat, doing his own thing. He's was always a loner until Harry got himself into a bit of a pickle.

One day Harry tried to cross the road but he didn't see the truck coming and Merlin dashed out from behind the bushes and managed to flag the driver down and stopped Harry from being run over! This gave Harry such a fright and from that day on Merlin has looked after Harry, taken on a sort of 'Father' role if you like. But Harry doesn't know this! He also saved Tabatha who once got caught in water rushing down a drain.


Disappearing Act

Merlin disappears for a couple of days then he comes back again. No-one knows where he goes, but he always knows what's going on with all the friends and has taken it upon himself to look after everyone. Merlin takes special care of Tabatha and always escorts her over the road and back again to make sure she is safe so there are no cars in her way. Tabatha climbs into her basket and Merlin carries the basket over for breakfast in the morning, especially if Tabatha has been cooking yummie things that day for all the friends to eat.


Merlin the Protector

Merlin is the 'friends' protector and looks after the smaller and slower members of the group i.e. Cedric and his family, Tabatha and of course Harry because sometimes he's slower than Cedric!!


Merlin and his Magical Door

Merlin has a 'magical door' which he uses to go back to his other home across town. In the next book the friends discover a lot about Merlin and his magical door!