Tabatha the little brown mouse

Tabatha and Harry  have been friends for a long time. Tabatha lives over the road, but spends most of her time with Harry at his place, or should we say Angel-Louise's place now.

She loves to cook and thinks breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Tabatha also loves to cook cakes. She loves her blue apron and thinks she’s Mum to everyone! She is very clever, highly educated with a university degree in History.

She has travelled all over the world and speaks and writes French. She also teaches at the little snail school at the bottom of the garden with Cedric & Shelly Snail and is loved by all her students.

The cook book

Tabatha and Harry are busy getting together a special cook book for the children. It will feature lots of yummie recipes for the children to make with Mum and Dad. Merlin has said he's the official taste tester!!

Cousin Fred

Tabatha has just returned from visiting her Cousin Fred over in the west. He has a fruit farm, but will sell the farm in the next few months and come across the mountains to live with us here in Port Chalmers.